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[Materials] – New study shows how engineered nanomaterials degrade, persist in environment. 15 October 2021

A new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology finds that exposing certain nanomaterials to light can influence their environmental transformation, …

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[Material] – Nanocellulose decorated with proteins is suitable for 3D cell culturing. 14 October 2021

Wood-derived cellulose nanofibers form a hydrogel in water, referred to as nanocellulose, which is a highly promising material for various biological applications …

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[Nanomedicine] – Computing at the frontiers of nanomedicine. 13 October 2021

Viruses kill millions around the world each year. “In addition to the novel coronavirus, leading viral killers include hepatitis, HIV, HPV,” said Lela Vukovic, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Texas at El Paso.

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[Data Storage] – Ultrafast electronic control of magnetic anisotropy by mid-infrared light. 12 October 2021

One of the most important tasks in modern information technologies is controlling spin directions in magnets. State-of-the-art hard disk drives and large-volume magnetic storage used in …

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[Nanomedicine] – Long-lasting nanoparticle-based disinfectant promises to help fight pandemics. 11 October 2021

University of Central Florida researchers have developed a nanoparticle-based disinfectant that can continuously kill viruses on a surface for up to seven days …

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[Nanotechnology] – Nano ‘camera’ made using molecular glue allows real-time monitoring of chemical reactions. 8 October 2021

Researchers have made a tiny camera, held together with ‘molecular glue’ that allows them to observe chemical reactions in real time.

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[Materials] – Developing multifunctional MXene composite materials for aerospace applications. 7 October 2021

Materials for aerospace applications face many challenges. The structure of an aircraft must be light yet strong. Structural components such as the wings or fuselage must resist damage while …

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[materials] – Electronic nose prototype uses nanoengineered materials. 5 October 2021

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. But how does one measure that smell? There’s no energy in a smell to help estimate how potent the coffee might be …

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[Graphene] – Graphene made with lasers for wearable health devices. 4 October 2021

Graphene, hexagonally arranged carbon atoms in a single layer with superior pliability and high conductivity, could advance flexible electronics according to a Penn State-led international research team…

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