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[Perovskite] – Perovskite solar cells – a true alternative to silicon? 22 July 2021 Read more
[Nanotechnology] – High activity and durable oxygen evolution single atoms supported by tungsten carbide 6 July 2021 Read more
[Materials] – MXenes – game changers in the materials field 28 June 2021

MXenes move nanotechnology from using a few “wonder materials” to manipulation of hundreds and even thousands of 2D building blocks to assemble designer materials and devices.

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[Polymers] – Sustainable polymer nanocoatings : An innovative concept 28 June 2021

The modification of surface properties, such as metals, medical devices, and glass mirrors, represents a vital opportunity to inhibit the buildup of proteins or contaminants (i.e., fouling) for biomedical materials/devices, food packaging, many membrane filtration applications.

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[Materials] – Unipolar barrier photodetectors based on van der Waals heterostructures 28 June 2021

Photodetectors with blackbody response show significant applications in remote sensing and infrared imaging. However, up to now, few works have demonstrated excellent response to blackbody radiation (weak irregular radiation from a real object), which is essential to reliably evaluate their potential in practical detections.

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[Thin Films] – Watching the evolution of nanostructures in thin films 28 June 2021

Scientists make extensive use of X-ray fluorescence to map elements in materials. However, this technique does not have the needed spatial sensitivity unless the probe is finely focused.

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Codex International Event 2021 22 June 2021 Read more
[Thin-Film Innovation] – Le Procédé de fabrication de cibles EPC© 22 June 2021

Le nouveau procédé EPC © (Enhanced Process Control) de Codex International est une procédé de fabrication innovant qui améliore les performances et la durabilité des cibles ainsi que l’homogénéité des dépôts.

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[NanoComposite] – Printable nanocomposite overcomes the manufacturing limitations of metalenses 16 February 2021

Metalenses are ultrathin, flat surfaces that use nanostructures to focus light. They have attracted tremendous attention because they can overcome limitations of conventional bulky, curved and heavy refractive optical lenses and they are poised to revolutionize everything from microscopy to cameras, sensors, and displays.

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