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A high level of technology

For more than 10 years, Codex International has been at the forefront of the research world by providing its high-quality materials and substrates developed and tested using the most advanced technology tools. The rigour and responsiveness recognized by its customers make Codex International the reliable partner of the laboratories and Industries in France, Europe and USA.

Excellency & Flexibility

Each request is treated with the same stringency

Certified quality control

Codex International is certified ISO 9001

Traçability & Compliance certificates

Each delivered product has full traceability and is tested and analyzed before delivery


E-MRS Symposium N 10 October 2018 Codex international sera partenaire du Symposium N de l'E-MRS spring meeting du 27 au 31 mai 2019 à Nice et intitulé "Nano-Engineered coating and thin films". Venez nombreux nous y rejoindre ! Read more
MRS 2019 Avril 22-26 Phoenix, Arizona 4 October 2018 Meet up with Codex International, Partner of the event, on the occasion of the MRS 2019 Spring Meeting to be held on Avril 22-26 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. Read more
Groupe De Recherche OXYFUN 26 June 2019 Depuis 2014 Codex International est partenaire industriel du groupe de travail Oxyfun qui regroupe pour la période 2018-2022, 52 laboratoires académiques (90 équipes) avec plus de 660 participants (460 permanents et 200 doctorants). Read more