19 novembre 2021

[JNPV] – Codex International : main Partner of Photovoltaïc National days.

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JNPV - codex International

Created in 2011 at the initiative of Fed-PV, a CNRS research federation on photovoltaic energy, the JNPV aims to strengthen the structuring and basic research in this field and to ensure that the effort undertaken on the energy transition at the national level, can rely on a dynamic, visible, creative and … excellent research community. Labeled in 2015 by the COP 21, the JNPV will allow the entire PV community to show once again this year its long-term commitment, resolutely anchored in the energy transition. Thus, beyond the most advanced aspects of research in the field, the JNPV has set itself the objective of opening up to the fundamental issues of the energy transition, in order to decompartmentalize the communities and actors (education, research, industry, society, citizens), because the successful energy transition can only be the result of a multi-scale approach, at all levels of society.

This year, we are once again calling for a strengthening of the partnerships around the JNPV so that they can better fulfill their mission. Institutional, academic or industrial organization, if you wish to be a partner or an exhibitor, do not hesitate to contact us.

The JNPV 2021 will bring together the Photovoltaic research laboratories in France, with many young researchers and PhD students, and 200 participants expected. They will include invited oral presentations (remarkable recent results, ambitious and structuring projects), oral and poster presentations, a debate evening on a theme related to industrial aspects and another on a thematic opening topic. Informal meetings will also be widely favored by the agenda and the residential setting.
The scientific program will continue to be structured around 10 sessions, not necessarily broken down by sector. The themes of the call for papers cover the entire PV field. After analysis by the Scientific Committee of the proposals for papers, some sessions will be able to highlight concerns that cut across the various themes.

Some sessions or evening debates, including those more specific to industrial aspects, are traditionally organized in partnership with other organizations (ADEME, INES, IPVF, SOLEMS, Observ’ER, …). Stands allow the establishment of contacts with partners.

In addition, a scientific and technical training session will be organized on the first day, in particular with the support of the EOBE doctoral school of the University of Paris-Saclay for its doctoral students who will attend.

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