23 février 2022

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Within the framework of the « France Relance – R&D job preservation plan », Codex International and the Université Polytechnique Hauts de France have signed a partnership, under the auspices of the MESRI (French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) for the implementation of a materials R&D programme.
This ambitious programme focuses on the dual theme of lead-free functional inorganic materials: from material to thin film and on the development of piezoelectric materials in thin films.
The objectives of these projects are to obtain lead-free piezoelectric material layers by sputtering from dedicated targets. The films will be deposited on silicon substrates for electro-mechanical (MEMS)/optical/acoustic applications and on LiNbO3 and sapphire substrates with conductive or metallic ZnO layers for electronic/acoustic applications.
This 2-year research programme will require the hiring of a post-doc dedicated 100% to the project who will alternate periods of work at IEMN Valencienne and at Codex International and/or its partners.

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