4 septembre 2023

[Evènement] – Plathinium 2023

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Retrouvez-nous au salon « Plathinium » du 11 au 15 septembre 2023 à Antibes. Notre équipe sera là pour vous accueillir et vous présenter nos innovations.

[CVD] – Controlling the Orientation, Edge Geometry and Thickness of CVD Graphene 3 novembre 2020

Creating defect-free sheets of Graphene is said to be one of the main ‘hurdles’ in the search for wide scale commercialization of the material… but why is it so important to form large defect free sheets?
Graphene has received an astonishing amount of interest these past few years, so much so that now it is commonly referred to as the miracle material that’s predicted to revolutionize the 21st century.

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[Nanotechnology] – Researchers achieve shape memory for nano-sized objects. 9 mars 2023

Alloys that can return to their original structure after being deformed have a so-called shape memory. This phenomenon and the resulting forces are used in many mechanical actuating systems, for example in generators or hydraulic pumps. However, it has not been possible to use this shape-memory effect at a small nanoscale: Objects made of shape-memory alloy can only change back to their original shape if they are larger than around 50 nanometers.

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