13 October 2021

[Nanomedicine] – Computing at the frontiers of nanomedicine.

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[Nanotechnology] – Discovery brings nanoscale thermal switches needed for next-gen computing 22 February 2020

Researchers working on an Army project developed nanoscale thermal switches that are key to thermal management of nanoscale devices, refrigeration, data storage, thermal computing and heat management of buildings.

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[Thin Films] – Explaining the Deposition Technique for Thin Films 3 November 2020

With the advancing of material science, nowadays the thin film deposition technology is developing quickly and has a crucial role in our everyday lives. Thin film deposition is the act of applying a thin film on the surface of another material. It is used in the manufacturing of devices such as computers and thin film transistors. It also finds applications in the production of semiconductors as well as in simple everyday objects as a typical household mirror.

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