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[Energy-Storage] – New opportunities for light-powered battery and fuel cell design. 27 septembre 2021

Automotive and other industries are hard at work improving the performance of rechargeable batteries and fuel cells. Now, researchers from Japan have made a discovery that will enable new possibilities for …

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[perovskite] – Scientists create water-resistant perovskite nanocrystals for studying living cells. 24 septembre 2021

ITMO scientists created perovskite nanocrystals that preserve their unique optical properties in water and biological fluids …

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[Nanotechnology] – Researchers develop novel nanophotonic analog processor for high performance computing. 23 septembre 2021

Analog photonic solutions offer unique opportunities to address complex computational tasks with unprecedented performance in terms of energy dissipation and speeds, …

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[Nanotechnology] – Ultrasound at the nanoscale reveals the nature of force. 21 septembre 2021

Scientists from the University of Nottingham and Loughborough University used a measurement method called picosecond ultrasonics, similar to medical ultrasound, …

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[Nanotechnology] – Novel molecular imaging technique casts complex coordination molecules in a new light. 20 septembre 2021

High-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy can be used to determine complex conformational structures of both crystalline and amorphous polynuclear non-planar coordination molecules, …

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[Nanotechnology] – Next generation electronics: Expanding the possibilities with silver nanowires. 17 septembre 2021

Today’s nanoscale technologies are sophisticated enough to be applied in an endless number of useful devices, from sensors in touch screen devices and household appliances to …

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[Perovskite] – Combining perovskite with silicon, solar cells convert more energy from sun. 16 septembre 2021

Many countries around the world are committed to reducing emissions or reaching net-zero emissions to meet the United Nations’ climate goals of …

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[Semiconductor]- Home-grown semiconductors for faster, smaller electronics. 15 septembre 2021

‘Growing’ electronic components directly onto a semiconductor block avoids messy, noisy oxidation scattering that slows and impedes electronic operation.

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[Nanotechnology] – Artificial camouflage skin. 15 septembre 2021

Artificial camouflage that imitates concealment technologies existing in the natural world, such as the ones found in chameleon and octopus, …

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